Lady Barn House

Lady Barn House School

Prospective Parents

The School was founded in 1873, by William Henry Herford, to offer a unique form of education for boys and girls. Using methods that would allow the children to engage in learning through a hands-on approach and utilising subject specialists, Herford set out to create a very special learning environment in which his pupils could happily progress.

Our values

Lady Barn is a family orientated school which promotes Christian values. We provide a vibrant, caring environment in which academic and social self-discipline are encouraged as a sure foundation for each pupil’s well being.

Every child feels valued and every effort is made to assist each child to realise his or her academic potential through a broadly based cultural education complemented by a wide variety of sports and extra-curricular activities.

The School firmly believes in the importance of the individual child’s place within the school community and we strive to meet the social, emotional and intellectual needs of every child. Each pupil is encouraged to work in harmony with others and to accept responsibilities where appropriate. The acquisition of such social skills is a fitting accompaniment to the academic accomplishments which should enable the child to enter senior school with confidence.

Strong foundations – academic success & lots more

We have built upon the ideas of Herford and have introduced modern practice. We have learnt from over 100 years of experience in teaching primary aged children. To truly understand what makes Lady Barn so special you really must visit us on a normal school day. We would be more than happy to show you our school. Alternatively, you are welcome to attend one of Open Mornings’ when our children will be performing and demonstrating their talents and skills.

Why is Lady Barn so successful?

What is it that makes the pupils at Lady Barn truly exceptional? The answer is rather complex and cannot easily be measured. Perhaps it is a combination of excellent teaching and tremendous care, supported by an ethos that encourages each and every child to achieve in many different areas. Our pupils gradually grow and develop in a safe and secure environment, supported by dedicated and talented staff. They are given opportunities to investigate and discover for themselves so that their understanding, confidence and knowledge are enhanced. Our children learn to be well spoken, polite and independent. The journey from Nursery to Year Six is one that equips every child for their future beyond Lady Barn.

Why choose co-education?

Co-education helps to develop well balanced and properly rounded children
It helps to foster confidence
It better equips children to prosper in wider society
Boys and girls benefit from one another’s diverse strengths
Boys and girls can build meaningful friendships that leads to a feeling of togetherness
It helps to breakdown stereotypical attitudes toward gender
Families can be educated together in a co-education school

Come & see who we are so special

We offer our children the best possible start in life. Our children are confident, courteous and knowledgeable. They have a love for life and for learning. Lady Barn is a spring board to some of the best independent senior schools in the country. We take no risks with your most precious possession(s). The care of your child is our number one priority. Our method of educating is successful and without gimmicks. It is tried, tested and lots of fun!. We thoroughly prepare your child for the challenges to come.
Feel free to contact the school through our “Contact Us” section on our website and come and see why we have such a wonderful reputation. You will be warmly welcomed and we will be happy to answer your questions and show you our special school.