Lady Barn House

Lady Barn House School


At Holroyd Howe we specialise in providing freshly prepared, nutritious food exclusively to independent schools and colleges. We pride ourselves on getting to know those we feed and becoming part of the school community. As a Founder-led business, we are passionate about food, nurturing our people and building long-lasting client relationships.Our bespoke services are crafted to match the unique culture and individual needs of our schools.

The recipe for our unique catering service is simple. Take a handful of locally sourced, seasonal ingredients, a dash of creativity, a big pinch of training and mix with talented people.

We travel across the UK to source the finest British produce from local farmers, growers and artisan suppliers. So when it comes to selecting our ingredients, we choose only the best seasonal ingredients while helping to preserve our British food heritage.

We champion the importance of providing children with food containing high nutritional value as it is key to their healthy growth. This is why we train and encourage our chefs to take a minimum fuss approach during preparation and cooking to keep the natural goodness in our food.

Our chefs not only like to share ideas amongst themselves but also like to hold Holroyd Howe Food Master Classes for children. These can be anything from fresh pasta making to sushi classes or something as simple as creating recipe cards which aim to help encourage children to try new types of food, learn about seasonality and the variety of ingredients available.

From sushi making to chiffon cake baking, we spend a great deal of time perfecting our creative skills. Over the years, we’ve learnt that often the most creative and appealing foods are the dishes children will choose to eat so we always try our utmost best to offer delicious looking and scrumptious food.

We pride ourselves in providing bespoke hospitality services that are tailored to the exact needs of our schools. No two events are the same. From seamless planning to faultless delivery, our experienced culinary development team ensure our hospitality always exceeds expectations.

Good nutrition in the early years is vital. Children’s early experiences of food play an important part in shaping later eating habits, and good eating habits support healthy growth and development. We recognise the importance of giving children a nutritionally balanced diet and that we are in a position to make a difference.

Holroyd Howe are experts in closely supporting schools as they outsource for the first time. Our approach is simple. We focus on strengthening our teams’ core and culinary skills, improving management systems, building strong relationships and becoming a part of the school community.

A compassionate and considerate approach underpins how we guide in-house teams through the change and mobilisation period. By getting to know each of our employees on a personal level, our culinary support and operations teams empower ‘our people’ to take ownership of the evolution of the school’s catering service.