Lady Barn House

Lady Barn House School

Able, Gifted & Talented


AGT provision is an outstanding feature of our curriculum, winning two national awards within twelve months, being outright winners of the national CBBC Competition ‘You too can be an absolute genius!’ together with the ISA Award for Excellence and Innovation in the Junior Curriculum.

As we believe that every child should be encouraged to achieve their full potential, we promote an inclusive Able, Gifted and Talented curriculum throughout the school, providing every child with the opportunity to find their particular strengths and, most importantly, encouraging them to do so.

To this end, we have developed initiatives such as the weekly Thinker of the Week competition, Think and Tell opportunities for our younger pupils and clubs such as Board Games, Chess, Latin, German, Mandarin, Coding and Philosophy Clubs to name just a few. We also run the North-West heats of the National Quiz Club competition in both General Knowledge and Science.

We passionately believe in the power of inspiration and the importance of perseverance, independence and resilience in high achievement. Our LBHS ‘Talk First’ Inspirational Speakers Programme has been outstandingly successful in inspiring our pupils to dream big dreams, learn about the workplace, discover exciting passions, as well as encouraging parent (and even grandparent and uncle) involvement; it has also demonstrated the importance of failure and resilience in eventual success. Our speakers deliver their inspirational talks in junior assembly; their visit is tweeted, reported in our weekly bulletin and website, thereby reaching our wider school community. We have had a huge range of talks from careers to passions and hobbies, all of them truly inspiring and eliciting excellent, thoughtful questions from the children.

Within the classroom, every subject caters for all levels of ability including our able, gifted and talented pupils. We are keen to stretch our pupils in whatever way we can, using creative ideas, extension and challenge opportunities, together with technology such as ipads and laptops to encourage and inspire independent learning. To further encourage passions and interests, we have introduced The Lady Barn House Research Award, an optional award, open to all pupils throughout the school. This iniatiative is inspired by the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) done in Sixth Forms across the land as an extra A Level and respected by all leading universities. The purpose of our Award is to encourage children to produce a piece of independent work, foster independent research and learning skills, encourage and recognise pupils’ interests and passions in school, encourage creativity and to reward individual perseverance and endeavour – it has been hugely successful in attracting our able, gifted and talented pupils who have to agree deadlines for producing their project work on set dates with their chosen supervising teacher.

As a school, we enter our children in national competitions such as the Blenheim Palace Project Prize, the Horsey Essay competition, The UK Primary Maths Challenge, the National Young Mathematicians Award, the national Quiz Club competitions, the Heaton Mersey Music Festival, the ISA Art competitions, the Rossall Codebreaking Challenge without listing the plethora of sporting competitions and achievements of our children at both local and national level in sports such as gymnastics, football, cricket, hockey and netball.

We firmly believe that our AGT provision is dynamic and inspirational, not just for our AGT pupils but for the whole school and LBHS family. These innovations contribute to our pupils’ outstanding success at many levels including attaining places at some of the top schools in the UK located here near Manchester. LBHS put forward our AGT provision and innovations this year as our entry for the 2014 ISA Awards in the category of ‘Excellence and Innovation in the junior prep curriculum’ and we were delighted to be named as the winner; It is most satisfying to see our AGT provision recognised nationally. Winning this award together with our recent win in the national CBBC competition shows that LBHS can claim excellence in the area of AGT provision, a feature of our curriculum which we believe inspires all of our pupils to aim high.

Mrs J Flynn – Able, Gifted & Talented Coordinator